1 Introduction

This Policy applies to the following company: Seaborne Shipbrokers SA (hereinafter called “Seaborne”). Seaborne is committed to protecting the personal information we collect and or you share when you use our websites and other services. This Cookies Policy explains what cookies are, how Seaborne uses cookies and similar technologies on its website and what you can do to manage how cookies are used.

1.1 Use of Cookies

To make this site work properly, we might place small data files called cookies on your device but none of them are being used to gather information unnecessarily. The cookies we use do not store personally identifiable information nor can they harm your computer. We want our website to be informative and as user friendly as possible and cookies help us to achieve that goal.

Seaborne is dedicated to appropriately inform everyone about the use of cookies in its website and receive unambiguous consent. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies, which are necessary for the use and functioning of the present website, as set out in this policy. We appreciate that some visitors need to have more individual control over their visit to our website and can adjust their settings accordingly. You can read all about this in the section below “How to block and delete cookies”. If you do not agree to such use, please refrain from using the website.

2 About Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored by the browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Safari) on your computer or mobile phone. They allow websites to store information like user preferences. You can think of cookies as providing a ‘memory’ for the website, so that it can recognise you when you come back and respond appropriately.
Websites mainly use cookies to:

Cookies can also be used for online behavioral target advertising and to show adverts relevant to something that the user searched for in the past.

How are they used?

The web server supplying the webpage can store a cookie on the user’s computer or mobile device. An external web server that manages files included or referenced in the webpage is also able to store cookies. All these cookies are called http header cookies. Another way of
storing cookies is through JavaScript code contained or referenced in that page.

Each time the user requests a new page, the web server can receive the values of the cookies it previously set and return the page with content relating to these values. Similarly, JavaScript code is able to read a cookie belonging to its domain and perform an action accordingly.

What are the different types of cookies?

A cookie can be classified by its lifespan and the domain to which it belongs. By lifespan, a cookie is either a:

As for the domain to which it belongs, there are either:

3 Our Cookies

First party cookies are cookies that belong to us, while third party cookies are cookies that another party places on your browsing device through our Site. Our site uses only Google Analytics (third party cookies) as website analytics service, which is operated by Google Inc. (600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA). The information generated by these cookies is usually sent to Google servers in the USA and is also stored there. We, the operator of this website, have a legitimate interest in analyzing user behavior to be able to optimize both, the user experience when surfing the website and also advertising on it. That means that the usage of Google Analytics cookies is in accordance with on Art. 6 (1) (f) of EU’s GDPR. For more information about how Google Analytics handles user data, see Google’s privacy policy.

4 Control on Cookies

It is usually possible to stop your browser accepting cookies, or to stop it accepting cookies from a particular website. However, these options may cause malfunctions to some services provided by various websites, if not used properly

All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. You can usually find these settings in the Options or Preferences menu of your browser. To understand these settings, you can use the Help option in your browser.

If you would like to find out more about cookies and their use on the Internet, you may find the following links useful:

5 Our Details

If you have any concerns about the way that we use cookies or respect your settings, then please contact us at:

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