SEABORNE has extensive knowledge of all main segments of seagoing vessels and has a proven track record of securing competitive newbuilding slots for Top Shipping Companies around the world for most types of merchant vessels.

SEABORNE’s competitive advantage is the lasting relationships with world’s best Shipbuilders which enables providing a First Class service to Clients interested in a Newbuilding solution.

Sale & Purchase

SEABORNE’s involvement in the second hand market is based on a deep and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the tonnage available for sale, the prevailing prices as evidenced by recent transactions and current on-going negotiations. The support that SEABORNE receives from its Clients ensures a very close eye on the Second hand market and developments across the sectors.

SEABORNE places great emphasis on advising its Clientele about fleet planning as well as the correct timing on Sale & Purchase transactions using its in-house market intelligence.


SEABORNE focuses on period Chartering of clean and dirty tankers and all types of tanker projects involving long term employment (Time Charters, Bareboat Charters, COA, CVs) worldwide with a variety of Charterers.

SEABORNE has concluded transactions with some of World’s largest Oil Companies, Traders, Operators and Shipowners and maintains personal relationships with their principals. Project development and the ability and ingenuity required to combine acquisition of assets combined with employment has been one of SEABORNE’s core strengths.


The SEABORNE team has a track record of complementing its other activities with financial and operational leasing, project finance and other tailor-made and alternative debt and equity solutions, which help its Clients fund transactions, manage their risks and conclude transactions that would be more challenging via traditional routes.

Seaborne Shipbrokers SA


Seaborne Shipbrokers SA


Seaborne Shipbrokers SA